Got Questions?



Why is it called XD?

Because examining diversity is about acknowledging and celebrating the differences in individuals, which make us stronger and wiser because of our exposure to those differences. Examining diversity also helps us recognize and eliminate various oppressive practices that aren’t necessarily conscientiously implemented, but nevertheless influences on our behavior.

Why should I hire XD?

First, XD is probably one of the most non-traditional, results oriented, fairly priced, no frills consultants you could ever experience. With XD we aren’t trying to do what everybody else does when they “train you.” We don’t train you! Instead, we create an environment where everyone educates everyone in extremely relaxing ways. We don’t hide our results. Take a look at our accolades page and evaluation page and you will begin to understand that the high opinion and confidence you will find exemplified in the attitudes emanating from XD consultants comes from our successes and customer’s feedback. XD as a consultant isn’t attempting to seduce you with glitz and glamour, but more engage and entertain you through educational enlightenment.

Theoretically, a consultant has a heightened level of expertise in areas or fields that a business needs assistance advancing or maintaining. Consistent with that expertise, a consultant should be creative enough to recognize that what may have worked wonderfully within one organization won’t necessarily be the solution for the very next operation. So, a consultant should be an “ideas” person who has the ability to implement those ideas. Simultaneously, while implementing new ideas a consultant should be capable of providing strategies that will assist the client in embracing the planned changes or shifts to the company paradigm.

What are the benifits of hiring a consultant?

Contrary to popular belief, what consultants do isn’t rocket science. Consultants are usually better suited to engage pertinent, and/or problematic issues because of more familiarity, exposure and experience with a plethora of milieus. A talented consultant—in the time it would take an entire council or subcommittee to develop strategies that might advance certain aspects of the company’s mission—should have accomplished the same tasks in much less time, and with a confidence based on success from the results. More so, the consultant you want to work with is one who can create an aura of energy that draws participants into the initiative and entices them to provide some of their energy as well.

Why not do it ourselves?

Since we are all of the same race and therefore don’t have any diversity in our work force, why do we need a “diversity” consultant?

 The fact that the question was asked is evidence that a diversity consultant is needed within any company that believes race is the only diversity that needs to be engaged. Employees that acquire sophistication about diversity are better situated to assist in the implementation of diversity initiatives that are designed to change the identity and ideology of a business and its practices. Once diversity, even in a broad sense, is understood, the sense of community that is generated throughout a business venture potentially enhances that business’ productivity.