What is XD?

Our approach to diversity education is not for everyone. We endeavor to create a conversation that benefits everyone while intimidating no one. We emphasize the intrinsic link between diversity and leadership and suggest as a solution that our participants take ownership. We reveal the necessity of respect within a diversity context by assessing disrespect. And we unflinchingly examine diversity by examining the notions of responsibility, sanctuary, adversity, hypocrisy, perspective, illusion, "isms," moral obligations, courageous defiance, "phobias," success, influence and humanity.

News and Events

Dr. J.W. Wiley - SUNY Plattsburgh Summer 2017


New Book "The Nigger in You" by Dr. J.W. Wiley

Dr. J.W. Wiley has a new book coming out titled "The NIGGER in You" Challenging Dysfunctional Language, Engaging Leadership Moments. More information about his upcoming book can be found here.

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