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Xamining Diversity is a company that does not endeavor to teach diversity and definitely is not interested in training people about diversity. XD examines diversity in all of its variations by creatively constructing moments where the participants in all of our sessions contribute to the process.


Our approach to diversity education is not for everyone. We endeavor to create a conversation that benefits everyone while intimidating no one. We emphasize the intrinsic link between diversity and leadership and suggest as a solution that our participants take ownership. We reveal the necessity of respect within a diversity context by assessing disrespect. And we unflinchingly examine diversity by examining the notions of responsibility, sanctuary, adversity, hypocrisy, perspective, illusion, "isms," moral obligations, courageous defiance, "phobias," success, influence and humanity.


An examination of diversity through XD is an examination of the sensitivities, cultural competence(s), and desires to succeed of both individuals as well as organizations.

Demonstrate to our participants the significance of diversity in everyone's life.
Reveal the inherent contradiction in a concept of leadership that doesn't include a sophistication about diversity.
Enlighten our participants about the impact of Xenophobia.
Articulate privilege as a universal reality.
Manufacture an environment whereby discussions about diversity are not intimidating, but instead productive and progressive.
Systematically deconstruct the socialization of our participants with insight into how it affects their perspective.

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Xamining Diversity is a company that does not endeavor to teach diversity and definitely is not interested in training people about diversity. XD examines diversity in all of its variations by creatively constructing moments where the participants in all of our sessions contribute to the process.



Dr. J.W. Wiley

From 2015-2018 Dr. J.W. Wiley served as Chief Diversity Officer at State University of New York (SUNY) - Plattsburgh and a lecturer in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies. Prior to accepting that position from 2000-2015 Dr. Wiley held a joint appointment as the Director for the Center for Diversity, Pluralism, and Inclusion within Academic Affairs at SUNY-Plattsburgh, working with all constituencies to assist with their implementation of strategies and policies for the inclusion of diversity & social justice. J.W. completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from the University of Vermont in Burlington. His dissertation topic is titled: An Evaluation of Film for Development of Leadership Moments within a Context of Diversity and Social Justice. J.W. also holds a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy from Claremont Graduate School, a Bachelor of Arts degree from Cal State Long Beach in Philosophy and an Associate in Arts degree from Cerritos College in Natural Science.

During a seven year period at Southern California's Claremont Graduate University (CGU) where he completed all the coursework for a Ph.D. in Philosophy and Cultural Studies while a full time graduate student, J.W. also served as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, founder and director of the CGU Diversity Office, Director of, the Ronald E. McNair Post-baccalaureate Scholars Program (an undergraduate research program); founder and director of the Minority Mentor Program; Special Assistant for Diversity (a position created for him); Chair of the CGU Diversity Task Force, and Director of Recruitment. Under his direction, Claremont Graduate University's McNair Scholars Program was awarded a one million dollar continuation grant. In 1996 J.W. was co-author and co-coordinator of the 8th Annual National Black Graduate Student Conference hosted by Claremont Graduate University which brought over 500 Black students to Claremont's campus.

Dr. Wiley has taught as an adjunct professor of Philosophy at Cerritos College and an adjunct professor of Humanities at Citrus College, both in Southern California. During his current appointment as a lecturer at SUNY-Plattsburgh J.W. has designed three courses that he taught in the Honors Program that allowed him to pass on to his students some of his academic passions. Those courses are 'The Philosophy of W.E.B. DuBois,'  'Philosophy and Film,' and ‘Philosophies on Romance, Sex, Love, & Marriage.’ J.W. also teaches a general education course called Moral Problems-Societal Dilemmas and a course in African American Studies titled  'African American Culture from 1865 to the Present.' The course he considers the true game changer is 'Examining Diversity through Film' (EDTF) which is a general education course he conceived, co-developed, and co-teaches every semester. EDTF, aside from being a general education course, is both a professional development opportunity for faculty and a student leadership opportunity. The EDTF course is now also being taught at local high schools and will soon be taught at other colleges.

Dr. Wiley lectures, keynotes, or recite at many colleges and universities. He has tremendous success with his interactive presentation titled Diversity Enlightenment, where he educates and explicates the concept of diversity and has taught workshops on Examining Diversity through Film for various clients, both academic and professional. He is enjoying success as a consultant with his company, Xamining Diversity, which allows him to educate and explicate the concept of diversity to various organizations. JW’s client list includes Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; Princeton’s Jr. Scholars Institute; Norwich University in Vermont; New York State Nursing Association; Excelsior College; PACE University of New York City; University of Vermont; Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital; Paul Smith’s College; Clinton Community College; various high schools and middle schools throughout the North Country of New York and Vermont; Homeland Security; Bombardier Corp. in New York City; Girl Scouts of the North Country; Joint Council for Economic Opportunity (JCEO); North Country Legal Services; Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood; and the Plattsburgh New York Mayor’s Office, City Council, and Police Department.

Dr. Wiley has a blog on the largest newspaper in the North Country of New York State, the Press Republican’s website titled: Wiley Wandering, where he creates conversations about diversity & social justice. He consulted, co-wrote and co-directed a widely viewed bullying documentary in conjunction with Mountain Lake PBS titled: Dissed-Respect: The Impact of Bullying. J.W. was also prominently featured in the DVD titled: Don’t Hate, Appreciate: Diversity which was a study of a diversity initiative at Vermont’s Winooski school. Dr. Wiley will also be featured in the soon to be released film Men, Misogyny, and the Future: When Men Challenge Sexism. He is an accomplished writer, lecturer, and poet. He was prominently featured in the book, Brothers of the Academy with his chapter titled: Institutional Ethics, Forty Acres of So-Called Morality and Still No Mule. He was a contributing author to the book Retaining African American Administrators in Higher Education with his chapter titled: African-American Administrators\' Retention: A Subconscious Deluge of Neglect, or Conscious Subterfuge to Reject? He also was a contributing author to the book When Minorities Are Strongly Encouraged To Apply with his chapter titled: Affirmative Actions at PWIs: Explicating the Glass as Half Full by Pouring Something They’re More Apt to Taste. He was distinctively featured in the October 28th, 1999 issue of Black Issues in Higher Education, and has recently completed a manuscript titled: Searching Beyond the Rhyme, which is a compilation of poetry and short stories.

Dr. Wiley was reared in southern California's South Central area of Los Angeles. One of four children to a single mom, he survived the streets by a little luck and a lot of literature. As a product of the inner city, J.W. witnessed things that many youth only see on television or in films. Educated in the parochial school system, J.W. discovered early that there was life beyond the streets if one chose to look for it. Prior to his academic career, J.W. worked for three Fortune 100 companies, Hughes Aircraft Co., Rockwell International, and McDonnell Douglas Corp. where he attained the level of Sr. Specialist for the Long Beach, Ca Company. J.W. is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and has had the poem he wrote immediately after joining the fraternity (Dare to Be and Alpha Man) repeatedly published in the fraternity’s national magazine, The Sphinx