J. W. Wiley, Ed.D.

Administrator; Lecturer; Consultant;

P.O. Box 330, Peru, N.Y., 12972

Business (518) 524-5995 or E-mail:



Currently employed as Director of the Center for Diversity, Pluralism, and Inclusion for State University of New York-Plattsburgh and a Lecturer in Philosophy & Interdisciplinary Studies.  Responsibilities Include: Collaboratively developing strategies that result in more diverse classrooms and curriculum; Development, implementation and support of diversity initiatives throughout every facet of the institution; Collaboration with various departments on diversity enlightenment; Diversity Programming; Chairing the Diversity Council and Diversity Task Force; Previously employed as Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Director of the McNair Scholars Program at Claremont Graduate University.  Responsibilities included: Directing university recruitment effort; Management of the Diversity Office; Establishing and directing the Minority Mentor Program; and chairing the Diversity Task Force.  Other previous experience:  Seven years employment between McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company and Rockwell International.  Teaching experience encompasses Lecturer appointment at SUNY-Plattsburgh, and adjunct appointments at Cerritos College and Citrus College.  Additional professional experiences include consulting to various universities and businesses under the auspices of my private business: Xamining Diversity.


Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies May 2010
University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt.
Emphasis: Higher Education & Leadership
Dissertation Title: An Evaluation of Film for Use in Developing “Leadership Moments”

Within a Context of Diversity & Social Justice

Doctorate of Philosophy in Philosophy and Cultural Studies Incomplete as of Sp 2000
Coursework completed at Claremont Graduate University, Claremont, CA.
Emphasis: Applied Ethics, Existentialism, Pragmatism,
Dissertation Title: The Applied Ethics & Pragmatism of W.E.B. DuBois

Master of Arts in Philosophy Summer 1999
The Claremont Graduate School, Claremont, CA.
Emphasis: Ethics, Pragmatism, History of Philosophy

Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy Summer 1993
California State University Long Beach


Lecturer, SUNY-Plattsburgh Fall 2001 To Present

Class: Examining Diversity Through Film

Class: Examining Dimensions of Cool: A Study of Social Class

Class: Philosophies on Romance, Sex, Love & Marriage

Class: The Philosophy of W.E.B. DuBois

Class: Philosophy: Moral Problems – Societal Dilemmas

Class: African American Culture from 1865 to the Present

Class: Philosophy and Film

Adjunct Professor, Cerritos College Summer 2000
Class: Introduction to Philosophy

Adjunct Professor, Citrus College Summer 2000
Class: Introduction to Humanities



Intro to Ethics or Moral Problems Intro to Humanities or Cultural Studies Intro or History of Philosophy

Dr. J. W. Wiley page two _______________________________________________________________________________________________


“The NIGGER in You: Engaging/Unpacking Dysfunctional Language” Stylus Publishing:April 2013

“Dare To Be An Alpha Man,” in The Sphinx Magazine, Volume 96, No.2 & No.3, Spring-Summer 2011.

(pg. 84). Chicago: Alpha Phi Alpha Publishers, (2011)

DISSERTATION: An Evaluation of Film for Use in Developing “Leadership Moments” Within a Context of Diversity & Social Justice – Published in August 2010.

Wiley Wandering: Diversity & Social Justice blog on upstate NY Newspaper’s Website:

“Dissed Respect: The Impact of Bullying” educational film made in conjunction w/ Mountain Lake PBS -2006

“Affirmative Actions Within PWI’s: Explicating The Glass as Half Full by Pouring Something They May Taste” in When Minorities are Especially Encouraged to Apply: Addressing Diversity & Affirmative Action in Higher Education. Published: May 2007

“African-American Administrative Retention: A Subconscious Deluge of Neglect or Conscious Subterfuge to Reject?” in Retaining African Americans in Higher Education: Challenging Paradigms for Retaining Black Students, Faculty, and Administrators, published: April 2001.  Stylus Press Publishers, (2001)

“Institutional Ethics: Forty Acres of So Called Morality and Still No Mule,” in Brothers of the Academy, Earning Our Way, published: April 2000.  London, Stylus Press Publishers, (2000)

“Dare To Be An Alpha Man,” in The Sphinx Magazine, Volume 70, No.2, Summer 1997.

(pg. 19). Chicago: Alpha Phi Alpha Publishers, (1997)

PRESENTATIONS – Lectures or Speeches

SUNY Potsdam’s Diversity & Social Justice Conference “Keynote: TBD” October 2012
Alpha Phi Alpha National Conference-Chicago “Reciting ‘Dare to be an Alpha Man’” June 2011
WAMC’s The Power of Words “Unpacking MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’” March 2011
CFES National Conference “Keynote: Diversity & Social Justice “Inclusively” November 2010
Norwich University Keynote: Game Changers Must Understand the Game” May 2010
Dartmouth College “Keynote: A Celebration of Dr. King January 2009
Paul Smith’s College Hosting a “Town Meeting” January 2008
Consortium of Vermont Colleges “Keynote: The D word is Not Profane! ” January 2008
Pace University of New York “Dissed Respect and Problematic Language” November 2007
New York State Nursing Association (Atlantic City) Diversity Enlightenment September  2007
National Conference on Race & Ethnicity (NCORE) Pre-conference Institute June 2007
NCORE - Chicago“The ‘Nigger’ Word” June 2006
White Privilege Conference “Examining Privilege through Film April 2006
Pace University of New York “Diversity Retreat” March 2006
2nd Annual National Hazing Symposium “Hazing as a form of Bullying” November 2005
Pace University of New York “Diversity Retreat” November 2005

Wyeth Pharmaceuticals  “Keynote Address for Safety Day” September 2005

Beekmantown High School September 2005

Peru Middle School September 2005
NCORE – New York City “The ‘Nigger’ Word” June 2005

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PRESENTATIONS – Lectures or Speeches Continued…

Developing Leadership/Respect “Keynote to North Country Model UN” March 2003

Leadership & Philosophy of Inclusion “Keynote at SUNY Potsdam/Black History” Feb 2003

An Invaluable Ideal  “A Keynote Address at Norwich University of Vermont” October 2002

The Importance of Diversity In Leadership

A Workshop in Support of Gold Weekend October 2001

Developing A Mission Statement of Integrity and Purpose

A Workshop for the Executive Leadership of the Student Association September 2001

Developing The Leader in You

A Talk with 200 Students in the Job Corp September 2001

Celebrate the Educational Aspects of Diversity

A Talk at an Upstate Correctional Facility Diversity Meeting September 2001

Diversity in Context: It’s Significance in the Grand Scheme of Things

A Talk with the Plattsburgh Kiwanis Club August 2001

The Function of Diversity within Clinton County

A Talk with Leadership Clinton May 2001

How Diversity is Significant To/For You

A Speech to the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship February 2001

Diversity in Context: It’s Significance in the Grand Scheme of Things

Plattsburgh Rotary Club January 2001

Deconstructing the Concept of Loving Thy Neighbor: A Talk on Diversity

A Speech to a Presbyterian Church in Saranac Lake January 2001

Looking Beyond The Dream: A Non-Traditional Perspective on Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The City of Plattsburgh’s Birthday Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. January 2001

A Healthy Perspective on Diversity: The Challenge of Communication

A Speech to a Nursing Honor Society December 2000

Diversity without Pluralism & Inclusion becomes Adversity, Separatism, Illusion: A Keynote Speech
Clinton Community College’s Diversity Celebration October 2000
Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear: A Study on Objectification within a Nude Bar
Oklahoma State University’s Graduate Research Symposium March 1999
Utilitarianism & Absolutism: Contributing Factors to the War & Massacre That Result from Racism.
The National Black Graduate Student Conference, Claremont Graduate School May 1996
Philosophy and The Black Experience
The Intercollegiate Department Of Black Studies, The Claremont Colleges March 1995

PRESENTATIONS – Diversity Enlightenment &/or EDTF Workshops

Norwich University   “Diversity Enlightenment” Aug 2012
Castleton State College “Diversity Enlightenment” Aug ’12; Aug ‘11
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals “Diversity Enlightenment” May 2012
New York State Nurses Association “Saratoga Springs Retreat” March 2011
New York State Nurses Association “NYC Retreat” December 2010
Univ. of California SF Medical Center   November 2010
Princeton Jr. Scholars Institute “Diversity Enlightenment” & “EDTF Workshops” July 2008
New York State Nurses Association “Cape May Retreat” June 2010
University of Vermont Jan ’07; Jan ‘06
College for Every Student January 2007
Norwich University 2002-2011
Pace University of New York November 2005
Plattsburgh City School District November 2005
PSU Residence Hall Staff August 02 - 07

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PRESENTATIONS – Diversity Enlightenment Continued…

Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) – 18 Sessions Mar –Oct 2005
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals – 7 Sessions January 2005
Northeastern Clinton Central School December 2004
Beekmantown High School  & Middle School Faculty November 2004
Peru Middle School November 2004
Greek New Inductees November 2004
Vermont Student Assistance Corporation (VSAC) 8TH Graders October  2004
Saranac Central High School   October 2004
Winooski Middle & High School Students – 6 Sessions; Faculty – 2 Sessions September 2004
Upward Bound July 2004
Zone 9 Police Academy July 2004
National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (Miami & San Francisco) June ‘03 & ‘04
White Privilege Conference (Iowa) April 2004
St. Albans Technical Educational Center (SATEC) March 2004
Law Enforcement (PSU UP, City of Plattsburgh, & N.Y. State Troopers January 2004
Temple Beth Israel December 2003
Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) November  2003
Emerging Leaders Seminar    October 2003
Nine Platt Hospitality Group September 2003

North Country Legal Services June 2003

SUNY Plattsburgh Administration June 2003
Bombardier Corporation in New York City - 6 Sessions November 2002
Westchester Community College August 2002
PSU Student Teachers 2001 - 2007
Joint Council for Economic Opportunity October 2001
CCC Diversity Celebration Open to All October 2001
Residence Hall Staff August 2001
AmeriCorps August 2001
EOP Tutors & New Students July 2001 - 05
Student Orientation Leaders' Dean of Students Office June 2001
United States Border Patrol – New York/Canada June 2001
Communication Sciences and Disorders – Faculty Graduate Class May 2001
PSU Fraternities and Sororities -Leadership 2001 - 2007
Federal Work Study - Supervisors February 2001


Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society November 2010
Presented at University of Vermont
John Brown “Coming Home” Award December 2009
Presented by John Brown Lives
Outstanding Faculty Award,
Presented by the Plattsburgh Chapter of Order of Omega & Gamma Sigma Alpha Spring 2005
Distinguished Faculty Award,
Presented by the Plattsburgh Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma September 2003
Black Issues in Higher Education,
Featured in Article, Grooming the 21st Century Professorate October 1999
Thornton F. Bradshaw Seminar,
Bradshaw Fellow, The Claremont Graduate School May 1994
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Mu Chi Chapter, California State University, Long Beach April 1983

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Consultant: New York State Nurses Association  – Latham & NYC, contracted from 2010 through 2012
Consultant: Paul Smith’s College – Paul Smith, New York contracted from 2008 through 2010
Consultant: Excelsior CollegeAlbany, New York for design of online course: Social Justice & Societal Oppression
Consultant: Wyeth PharmaceuticalsChazy, New York contracted from 2005 through 2010
Consultant: Mountain Lake PBS – Plattsburgh, New York on film project from 2005 to 2007
Consultant: Pace University, Manhattan, New York on authored Institutional Oppression Report 2006
Consultant: Plattsburgh City School District – Plattsburgh, New York
Consultant: Beekmantown High School – Beekmantown, New York
Consultant: Peru High School – Peru, New York

Founder (2003), Xamining Diversity Consulting, Peru, New York

Board Member, John Brown Lives  –  Essex, NY , 2010 - Present
Board Member, Boy Scouts of America  – Adirondack  Plattsburgh, NY , 2002-2003
Board Member, Northern Adirondack Planned Parenthood  – New York, 2001-2004
Member, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, Pi Tau Lambda Graduate Chapter – New York-Vermont
Marketing Facilitator, Brothers of the Academy: The Institute, 2000 - 2003
Co-coordinator, THE 8TH ANNUAL NATIONAL BLACK GRADUATE STUDENT CONFERENCE: academic conference hosted by the National Black Graduate Student Association and Claremont Graduate School, 1996.

Founder (1994), THE MINORITY MENTOR PROGRAM.  A program at Claremont Graduate University designed for second and third year graduate students to mentor incoming first year students of similar ethnicity and program discipline.


Dr. Joel Smith Dr. Tom Moran Ms. Deborah Walsh
Director, Office of Technology Director, Institute for Ethics in Public Life Program Officer – McNair
Carnegie Mellon University SUNY-Plattsburgh Federal Dept. of Education
5000 Forbes Ave.. 850 Hawkins Hall 400 Maryland Ave. SW
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15213 Plattsburgh, NY. 12901-2681 Washington, D.C. 20202-8510
(412) 268 -5126 (518) 564 -3018 H 202-723-7362/W: 202-502-7694



Virtual Resume


Unpacking MLK’s “I Have a Dream “ Speech (Mar 28, 2011)

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Students Find Teaching Moment in Anti-Gay Phelps Picket at Upstate NY High School (Mar 4, 2009)

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Race in the Era of Barack Obama: A Debate between Mark Barie (President of UNYTEA) and Dr. J.W. Wiley (Jan 15, 2009)

Listen to audio |  Download audio (38:18) | Visit NCPR

JW Wiley, Bob Grady & Mark Barie (Photo: Brian Mann)

JW Wiley, Bob Grady & Mark Barie (Photo: Brian Mann)

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican and the Plattsburgh Rotary organized a public debate between two prominent civic leaders: JW Wiley, who teaches at SUNY Plattsburgh, and businessman Mark Barie. Their conversation on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 followed an exchange of opinion pieces in the newspaper.

A Fresh Start on Race: "America has evolved and we are evolving." (Nov 18, 2008)

 Listen to audio |  Download audio (5:00) | Visit NCPR

President-elect Barack Obama takes office on January 20th. We\'ve asking people to think big about what his Administration might accomplish. J.W. Wiley teaches philosophy and interdisciplinary studies at Plattsburgh State and is the Director of the Center for Diversity, Pluralism and Inclusion. He\'s an African American who works as a diversity consultant for major corporations. Wiley says Barack Obama\'s election has already redefined America\'s conversation about race and social injustice


Ignorance is Bliss. Or is it?  An incident of racism at Paul Smiths sparks a discussion on diversity (Spring 2008)

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Debating the N-word to the Nth Degree (Feb 20, 2008) 

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KKK Costumes an Issue at Local College (Jan 30, 2008)

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Defining Diversity: Can We Talk (Fall 2006)

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