Facts and Figures

Diversity Enlightenment Analysis


Why are you considering Diversity Training? If diversity training were truly possible in a two hour training session, it would just as likely be forgotten within a week or two. You can’t train anyone about their sensitivity and respect towards the “Other!”


XD prides itself on the fact that we don’t attempt to train anyone about diversity, because diversity enlightenment is more a method that is accomplish-able and measurable.


Below is the summary from a total of 740 respondents representing nine previous participants of the XD Diversity Enlightenment sessions. The truth can be ascertained in the numbers! Check out the consistency in responses from an array of various participants who have experienced the perspective changing benefits of a diversity enlightenment session.


Respondents replying "Yes" to would you attend another XD session

Overall Average of respondents replying with an answer of "Yes": 81% 

Overall percentage of attendees that responded to this survey: 84%

How comfortable are highly touted diversity trainers with sharing your evaluations of their performance? Immediately below you will find the questions from the evaluation form we ask all participants in our D.E. sessions to complete after they have been diversity enlightened. The charts below reflect their answers to these questions:

  • How effective was the diversity enlightenment in terms of educational merit?
  • Has your definition of, or thoughts about, diversity changed as a result of the enlightenment session?
  • How comfortable did you feel talking openly about issues raised?
  • Would you like to meet again for further discussion and to share experiences you may have had since the diversity enlightenment session?

Any worthwhile diversity training session results in an educational experience that is comfortable, yet perspective altering, features a conversation/discussion that is beneficial with measurable value, and engages enough of the participants to desire more enlightenment.

How effective was the diversity enlightenment in terms of its educational merit?