XD Consultation is proud of our non-traditional approach to diversity education. We assist in a broad understanding of diversity and then challenge individuals and organizations to own the concept in an array of intriguing methods.


While there are so many ways a diversity initiative can be advanced within an institution, a common mistake often made with launching diversity initiatives is a lack of ownership of the initiative by the primary stakeholders. XD Consultation specializes in getting your organization excited about diversity by demonstrating to the organizational members the personal benefits of diversity while simultaneously unpacking the significance of diversity to the organization. XD’s Diversity Enlightenment session is often the conduit to the launching of a diversity initiative, as evidenced in the accolades section of this website.


If you are genuinely interested in examining diversity, you owe it to your organization, if not yourself, to carefully peruse what XD has to offer you in terms of services. Please visit our website in detail and then contact us for a more detailed conversation.




  • New York State Nurses Association (NYC & Atlantic City)
  • New Student & Resident Assistant Orientations Paul Smith's College, NY
  • Excelsior College (online course)
  • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Chazy, NY
  • Rouses Point Elementary School
  • Peru Central School District (Faculty Retreat)
  • Beekmantown Central School District
  • Pace University
  • Plattsburgh City School District & Mountain Lake PBS
  • Champlain Valley Educational Services




Providing consulting services in a business environment presents a wide range of opportunities to challenge the organization in various ways while supporting the development of the diversity initiative.

Business Testimonials

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of reference on behalf of J.W. Wiley, President, Xamining Diversity. As the Associate Director, Human Resources for Wyeth Research, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with J.W. in his role as a consultant on our corporate Diversity initiative. We have worked together for the past two years and I was able to observe his significant presentation, interpersonal, negotiation and project management skills. He has consistently been viewed as a subject matter expert, educator and consultant for Wyeth Research. J.W. has been able to take a concept of diversity that was embedded in our organization and demonstrate to us a need to become more open-minded and broadbased in the application of the ongoing process of inclusion and pluralism. What we received was an experience that he calls diversity enlightenment, but what I believe was a starting point on an adventure for our employees. The response by employees was refreshing. Over 92% of our employees admitted learning something from the program and an amazing 83% their views and perspective of the topic. I cannot give J.W. any stronger recommendation than to say that if I have an issue related to diversity, interpersonal conflict or interpersonal communications, he will be the first person that I would consider contacting for help.
--Kent Eldridge Associate Director, Human Resources, Wyeth Research, Chazy and Rouses Point, NY


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our Employee Opening Meeting in August 2006. What a way to open the fall semester! Employees are still referring to different segments of the presentation. You enlightened us on the power of words and how important it is to choose the appropriate ones. Awareness of how others may feel about the language we use was another important lesson in your presentation. A positive influence is always welcome and appreciated. I would highly recommend you and your presentation to any employer and will positively respond when any inquiries are made. We would be pleased to invite you again for another presentation.
--Donna Matkoski, Manager, Human Resources, Sodexho Campus Services, Plattsburgh State University


The Department of the Treasury celebrated Diversity Week during June 4-8, 2001. I want to thank you for your Diversity Enlightenment Session. 25 people were in attendance and actively participated. It was well received by those attending and was effective in making our employees aware of Diversity.
--Diane Brockway, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, Champlain, NY


As a City Councilor for the City of Plattsburgh I’m quite aware of how essential it is for our city’s public servants to conduct themselves with respect and humanity for others, at all times; on and off the job. However, for most that social adeptness and understanding needs fostering and because our police officers, firefighters, and EMT’s, are often seen as and called on to be leaders and mentors in the communities in which they live and work, I felt it critical that they participate in at least one of the Diversity Enlightenment (D.E.) Sessions. I want to thank J.W. Wiley and his staff for giving our city employees the opportunity to have, what are frequently difficult and uncomfortable, conversations in a safe environment; often infused with humor and compassion. I know that his D.E. greatly impacted, for the better, those in attendance. Thank you.
--Amy Valentine, City Councilor, Plattsburgh, NY


On behalf of Girl Scouts of the North Country, thank you for the opportunity you provided for our staff to talk to you about diversity. We left your presentation with a clarification of what diversity and acceptance truly means. We look forward to continued discussions with you and your staff.
--Renee L. Marking, PR Director, Girl Scouts of the North Country, Plattsburgh, NY




Providing consulting services in an academic environment presents a wide range of opportunities to engage the various constituent groups invested in developing a diversity initiative or advancing the educational enterprise. Factors as wide ranging as socio-economic class to geographic location are often determinants of the level of sophistication different audiences may have with diversity as a concept. Xamining Diversity consulting recognizes how detrimental a cookie cutter approach to diversity education can be, which is why we develop a plan tailored to your specific needs to facilitate an educational session or weekend retreat.

Academic Testiomonials

The response from those who participated in both sessions was outstanding, and many members of our administration expressed a strong interest in inviting you back to present to those who were unable to attend! Of the many diversity initiative programs we have attempted to bring our student and faculty bodies at Norwich, this was, by far, the most successful!
--Nicole DiDomenico, Director of Volunteer Programs at Norwich University


The Department of Residential Life at the University of Vermont (UVM) is committed to creating and maintaining communities that are welcoming and accepting of people of all ethnicities, abilities, ages, sex, gender or identity expression, national origins, religions, and sexual orientations. The Resident Advisors who live and work with the students in our residence halls are responsible for promoting this important mission. The Department of Residential Life invited J.W. Wiley to UVM to facilitate a Diversity Enlightenment Session for our Resident Advisor and Professional Staff members during our 2006 winter staff training. The Diversity Enlightenment session was engaging, thought-provoking, and truly meaningful for the student and professional staff members present. Many Resident Advisors remarked that the Diversity Enlightenment session was the best diversity training they had ever experienced, and the quantitative feedback provided by J.W. proved that their sentiments were widely held by the rest of the staff as well. We have invited J.W. back to campus for our Fall 2006 Resident Advisor Training and we are eagerly anticipating his return to campus. I give J.W. my highest possible recommendation.
--Stephen Sweet, Residence Director, University of Vermont


As co-chair of the Pace University President’s Commission on Diversity, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding work with us during the retreats we held in November 2005 and March 2006. I admire your dedication, enthusiasm and sophistication working with such sensitive topics as diversity, inclusion and oppression. You helped facilitate discussions with our group that were both challenging and enlightening. Your sense of humor and overall personality makes one comfortable, yet you are still able to push an individual beyond their comfort zone and facilitate effectively through that process. I thank you for the work that you have done with our group, and the important work that you continue to do in the field.
--Shanelle Henry Robinson, Director, Office of Diversity Programs, Pace University


The presentation you gave to the students was exactly what they needed. I was impressed by your organization, style, wisdom, candor, and ability to engage your audience. After you left, the students continued to discuss issues you raised for an additional 1½ hours; a tribute to your effectiveness.
--Dr. Mike Morgan, Chair, Comm. Disorders and Sciences, SUNY Plattsburgh


I thought the Diversity Enlightenment session was outstanding! J.W. was engaging, knowledgeable, and able to present sensitive topics in a unique and interesting way. The feedback from faculty, staff, administrators, and students was very positive. We can\'t wait to have him back to do the presentation again!
--Karen Pelletier, Co-Organizer for the Norwich University Diversity Initiative


Middle and High School Testimonials


In addressing sensitive issues surrounding diversity and leadership, it is critical for an organization to partner with a consultant on these matters who holds the highest ethical standards. My experience with J.W. suggests that he is driven by a sincere desire to make the world a better place. I recommend J.W. Wiley to you as someone who will be a guide and guardian of your organization's mission, if you value a culture of diversity and leadership.
--Michelle Kavanaugh, Ed.D. Superintendent of Plattsburgh City School District


I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much our school appreciated your enlightenment session. One of my main goals, as the Principal at Peru Middle School, is to create a safe and healthy environment free of bullying and intolerance. Exposing our student body to this program helps us meet those expectations as well as meeting state standards for character education. It is my hope that we can continue to have programs of this nature with you and your staff. In the near future, I look forward to talking with you on how we can make an even greater impact on the students of Peru Middle School next year!
--Chris Mazzella, Principal at Peru Middle School


I would like to commend your group for a quality and thought provoking series of presentations. The landscape of our school has been changed. The power and clarity of your message has allowed the staff to engage our students in discussions of greater depth and meaning. I believe our school is becoming a location where differences are celebrated, thoughts are shared and kindness is a common place.
--Garth J. Frechette, Principal at Beekmantown High School


Thank you very much for a wonderful thought provoking workshop that you provided to our forty 8th grade students. I want to share with you a quote that a student wrote on their evaluation form: "It made me think about the way I live my life and how I want to change it.
--Heidi McLaughlin, Outreach Coordinator at VSAC


Thank you for promoting 'Diversity Enlightenment' in the North Country and more specifically here at Beekmantown High School (BHS). Since the November sessions I have consistently noticed an increased awareness in students with whom I meet. I have found that this has resulted in counselor-student relationships steeped in greater understanding and one that is more likely to yield real growth. In recent times 'bullying' has become more and more a concern here at Beekmantown. Promoting student awareness is critical to begin to address the issue and improve school climate. I would like to thank you again for your efforts and remarkable success in reaching our students as we at BHS work toward and environment that is more respectful of difference, kinder, and one in which our students feel more safe.
--Daniel Bobbett, Counselor at Beekmantown Central High School


Thank you for presenting your Enlightenment Session to our 6th, 7th, & 8th grade classes at Beekmantown Middle School. I was very impressed with the reaction from our students and faculty regarding the session. You really grabbed the student\'s attention and were able to reach them in a non threatening way. The students are starting to become more aware of diversity and embrace more than just differences in cultures. Teaching our students about diversity enables them to learn more about themselves. What you do is very needed and important in today's society. We would encourage all business, educational institutions, etc. to partake in the Enlightenment Session. One can only benefit by learning about themselves and others. Thank you for making a difference at Beekmantown Middle School.
--Christine Tedford, Counselor at Beekmantown Middle School


XD Consultation is proud of our non-traditional approach to diversity education. We assist in a broad understanding of diversity and then challenge individuals and organizations to own the concept in an array of intriguing methods.